Wrap the blue clay: for weight loss and against cellulite

On the women’s website “ToKnow365.top” we have already talked about how I use blue clay to wash your hair, and also for making a rejuvenating bath. Today we will talk about how the impact of blue clay on the skin.

In particular, we will look into how to do wrap blue clay of cellulite and slimming and also read the reviews about how these procedures are effective.

Blue clay of cellulite: wraps

The healing properties of various types of clay which occur in nature (yellow, white, red, blue, gray and black) have been known since ancient times. The substances included in the composition of the clay, have a beneficial effect on the skin: penetrate into the deeper layers, stimulating the metabolism and the process of recovery.

So clay is widely used in medicine and cosmetology for the care of problem skin, fight cellulite and excess weight.

Before you talk about the blue clay body wrap at home cellulite, let us remember, from-for what on the body may appear orange peel – such a beautiful popular name for such ugly women’s issues.

  • Experts say that one of the reasons for the appearance of cellulite on the body – a blood disorder. That is, in order to get rid of cellulite, you need to improve blood flow to this area. Wrap the blue clay is related to one of the most effective ways that helps to “Wake up” the blood in the affected area.
    Particularly effective anti-cellulite body wrap with blue clay. It is composed of silicon compounds, which activate lymph flow to areas affected by cellulite.
  • In the initial stages the appearance of cellulite operates on the principle of the quagmire. If with him not to fight, fat cells begin to “draw” in a toxic substance, liquid waste products. Take them without assistance, the skin can not. Helps to cope with this problem, the blue clay of cellulite – wraps in this case will be the most effective.
  • The fact that the blue clay has a lot of useful items, which have antioxidant properties:

    • Chrome rids the body of excess fluids;
    • Silver cleanses the skin;
    • Molybdenum promotes regeneration of damaged areas;
    • Sodium enhances and mattifies the skin.

    Modern scientists have proved the high ability of clay to rid the body of toxins and improve skin condition, therefore, wraps with blue clay for cellulite (reviews confirm this) and for weight loss to be very effective.

    Wraps blue clay slimming and against cellulite: what is the difference?

    Wrap the blue clay of cellulite and to lose weight you can do all — they will be useful for any type of skin. Besides, even if you apply on the skin a large amount of clay, it can’t hurt – the skin will absorb the necessary amount of nutrients.

    Wrap the blue clay can be carried out not only for fighting cellulite, but also for weight loss. It helps to reduce the volume, gives the skin elasticity and prevents it to SAG.

    Recipes for body wraps with blue clay for weight loss are the same as in the fight against cellulite, but the very procedure, and the session duration is slightly different.

    • If you set out to do body wraps with blue clay to get rid of cellulite, then during the session you can lie down and rest, wrapped in the warm blanket.
    • Those who make the wraps with blue clay for weight loss, it is recommended that during a session of doing exercises, wearing on top of problem areas woolen clothes.

    Is different and the duration of the procedure:

    • For weight loss and increase the elasticity of the duration of body wraps with blue clay 20-40 minutes;
    • To combat cellulite the session — at least 1 hour.

    Wraps blue clay: the procedure and recipes

    There are plenty of variations how to use blue clay for body wraps. Before sharing with you some recipes wraps with blue clay are the most popular, will briefly describe how to carry out the procedure.

    How to make wraps blue clay right?

  • The first thing to do is to help to open the pores on the skin. For this, the ideal would be to go to the bath, but can be limited to a hot shower.
  • Next, clean the skin with scrub or sea salt. Move in a circular motion on problem areas.
  • Then we perform a light massage problem areas until the appearance of slight redness. Well, if you have to do this massage brush.
  • Thus, you have prepared your skin for the wrap. Next, we will need: food wrap, warm blanket (for wrapping against cellulite) or wool clothing (to lose weight).
  • Apply to problem areas prepared clay, wrapping with plastic wrap, insulated and waiting for the right time.
  • After the end of the session, wash all under cool shower, the pores closed.
  • Recipes

    • The basic recipe is the use of the blue clay is simple: it should be diluted with water in equal proportions, to obtain smetanoobraznaya weight. Apply the obtained mixture in a thick layer on the desired areas to turn into a film. Clay under the film needs to dry.
    • Instead of plain water it is possible to wrap the use of mineral water.
    • For dry skin instead of water is recommended to use yogurt, sour cream or milk.
    • You can also take vegetable oil which is better to heat in a water bath. This wrap is suitable not only for fighting cellulite, but also to moisturize the skin.
    • To wrap you in clay also add coffee grounds, chocolate or cocoa. Grounds add used or you can take ground coffee, but the chocolate must first be melted.
    • Those who love the thrill, I advise you to the basic recipe add red pepper. How much of it you need – you decide by experimental means. Start with a teaspoon and watch the sensations. Just note that if you wrap the blue clay with red peppers to lay flat you will not succeed.
    • Instead of red pepper can be used as a component of mustard powder and diluted with water.
    • Blue clay can be mixed with cinnamon in the proportions of 3 to 1. Then add water to get a mass like dough for pancakes.
    • Can blue clay mixed in equal parts with white and the mass of diluted liquid, and also do body wraps cellulite and for weight loss.
    • There are good reviews about wrapping blue clay, mixed with cream and honey (1 part cream and honey to 3 parts blue clay).
    • It is proven anti-cellulite body wraps with blue clay and ground seaweed (kelp powder is sold in the pharmacy). You must mix equal quantities of clay and kelp, to plant all the warm water and let stand for 20 minutes. After this time anti-cellulite mass is ready for use.
    • To strengthen the effect of, any recipes for wraps with blue clay of cellulite, you can add essential oils. Best suited citrus, oregano, ginger, neroli and black pepper.


    If you don’t have allergies then sympaty.net advises you to experiment, adding to the clay an effective components. Here’s how to say about this review:

    • Wrap the blue clay belly I do this: a pack of blue clay mixed with ground coffee, a spoonful of curry, a package of red pepper. Add another spoon of white clay and 5 drops of citrus oil. All this messing with warm water. Then put on the belly, the top covered with foil, then a woolen scarf, then take cover with a blanket and watch something on TV. After 40 minutes (no longer maintained), wash with warm water and do massage banks. The effect is! Nice.
    • To lose weight faster, I started to do clay wraps. Mix a teaspoon of clay, half a spoon of red pepper and cinnamon. Diluted with water. Apply on thighs and arms and doing exercise. The first times left and 1 cm from the hips and hands 1 application. I was surprised! Need to do 15 sessions. Lucy.

    How often do body wraps with blue clay?

  • To remove cellulite, you must do a minimum of 15 wraps with an interval of 3 days. During this time, the skin becomes smoother, her condition improved, the cellulite becomes less noticeable.
  • In the preventive purposes it is recommended to make wraps 1 once a week. If you have cellulite is not strongly expressed, then after a few months of regular sessions you will notice how the skin is smoothed out. If you have severe cellulite, these treatments will make the skin firmer and the bumps on the skin will become less noticeable.
  • Slimming wraps are made 20 consecutive days course, then it is recommended to do a 2-week break and go again 20-day course.
  • It is not recommended to do this procedure during pregnancy, cancer, tuberculosis and acute infectious diseases. It is also important to remember that the wraps need to sign components that are not causing you allergies. Keep in mind that weight for body wraps you can’t prepare for the future – it must be done anew each time and to be fresh.

    Summing up, it should be noted that wrap the blue clay will be a good procedure on the way to harmony, but without dietary restrictions and sports you are unlikely to achieve positive results.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    Wrap the blue clay: for weight loss and against cellulite

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