Yeast hair mask at home: recipes with dry and brewer’s yeast, reviews

Housewives who love homemade cakes, you certainly know how to work with yeast. It is interesting to observe how the dough makes a small ball of dough into a voluminous mass. Now imagine that same effect yeast can have on your hair. Density, volume, Shine — all this is made possible regular use of this wonderful product. How to prepare yeast hair mask at home?

Olga Pavlenok 21 Sep 2017234

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Without knowing it, the ancients used yeast to make bread and alcoholic beverages. And only in the XIX century, Louis Pasteur decided to allocate, to examine and describe the properties of these amazing mushrooms. Cooking is just one of the applications. Homemade yeast mask for hair density saved more than one hair.

What will help

Getting started treatment, it’s important to know what to expect from them. To estimate the prospects of application to the hair by examining the chemical composition of the main component. That’s what useful yeast mask for hair.

  • Vitamin B1. Increases blood flow in the scalp, gives strands the volume, prolonging the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
  • Vitamin B2. If the substance is in short supply, there is dullness, brittleness and lack of hair. Regular application of yeast masks partially compensates for a deficiency of substances and gives the hair vitality.
  • Folic acid. Protects hair from the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena and thermal devices.
  • Amino acids. Give the hair strength and elasticity. Stops the intense loss of hair.
  • Vitamin E. Moisturizes and nourishes the hair, gives it a spectacular Shine.
  • Nicotinic acid. Improves blood circulation, promotes rapid hair growth. Used to prevent early graying.
  • The Biotin. Hydrates hair, preventing their fragility and section.
  • Minerals. Nourish skin cells, promoting the growth of strong and thick strands.

Make sure to secure the funds. Before use ready-made yeast mask should be applied on the temporal region or behind the ear. Wait a quarter of an hour to assess the reaction of the skin to remedy.How to prepare yeast mask for hair

Virtually any products that you have in the kitchen, can be used in home cosmetology. Yeast mask will save you from hair loss, dandruff, oiliness and a number of other problems inherent to the hair.

3 stages

Make a yeast mask for hair, you need to know the specifics of the product. The main feature of which is largely due to the benefit is fermentation. To start this process you need to follow certain terms and conditions. Thus, the mask should be prepared in three stages.

  • Kneading. In small container, place the yeast and warm liquid. This can be water, milk, herbal tea or fruit juice. Mix thoroughly.
  • Fermentation. Cover the container with a towel and put in a warm place for an hour.
  • Addition. Add in “sourdough” the other components of the mask according to the recipe.
  • Yeast mask for hair regrowth should not contain lumps, its texture should be completely smooth. Knead for a good tool, otherwise it will be difficult to wash it from the locks.Table recipes

    Yeast since ancient times been used for hair care. In combination with other nutrients this product has amazing effects on hair. The table contains the most effective reviews, the recipes of masks.

    Table — Recipes of masks based on yeast for hair

    MaskBasisAdditional componentsTime, minutes
    To strengthen the hair– 15 g of yeast;
    — 2 times more warm liquid
    — Juice of medium follicles;
    5 ml of burdock oil;
    the same castor oil
    Cleansing5 ml of olive oil;
    — 5 g of fine salt
    For rapid growth— Egg yolk;
    — 15 g of mustard powder;
    — the same amount of burdock oil
    Nutritional— 100 ml of warm beer (preferably unfiltered)30
    Greasy— 50 ml warm buttermilk60
    For dry hair— Egg yolk;
    — 50 ml of warm milk;
    — the same of coconut oil
    Dandruff— Egg yolk;
    — 15 ml herbal decoction (sage or nettle);
    — the same amount of burdock oil;
    4 drops of ether ylang-ylang
    For Shine— The yolk of the egg;
    4 drops of ether rosemary
    From early graying— The pulp of kiwi fruit;
    — 15 ml of aloe juice
    With the effect of lamination— 20 ml coconut oil;
    the same number of hair;
    — 15 g of gelatin;
    — egg yolk

    Kefir-yeast mask for hair, you can also prepare simplified. Just pour a tablespoon of yeast a third cups of warm yogurt. An hour later, the tool is ready to use.

    Application features

    Natural products is the best thing you can use to care for themselves. But ignorance of the intricacies of their use leads to the fact that the useful properties of “dissipate”. To mask from yeast for hair pleased you effect, take into account the five characteristics of use.

  • The frequency of application. Apply a mask once a week. The duration of the course is 12 procedures. It will be followed by two-week break.
  • The optimal time. Keep the mask on the curls need no longer than an hour. It makes no sense to leave the facility at night.
  • The right application. Best yeast cream on wet strands. Before the procedure, wash your tresses with warm water or spray them with a spray bottle.
  • The sequence of application. The main attention should be paid namely to the roots. Within two or three minutes RUB the composition into the skin, and the remnants of the mask spread over the length.
  • Insulation. It is important that when applying the mask on the curls the fermentation process continued. To do this, be sure to insulate the head with plastic and a thick towel.
  • Squared and dry yeast has a pungent smell that remains on the hair after the procedure. To neutralize it, the curls was washed with water, acidified with vinegar or lemon juice. And it is possible to replace a major component of pharmacy brewer’s yeast, which smells not so much.

    Manufacturers of cosmetic products are often included in the natural ingredients. But the yeast in the list of ingredients are practically impossible to find (with rare exception). The thing is that in tube or bottle is not easy to create conditions for the life of these mushrooms. Thus, only at home you can prepare an effective “living” means. The positive reviews about the mask from yeast for hair is a great way to experiment.

    Reviews: “Helps to grow hair and smells like bread”

    I made kefir-yeast mask for 2 months 1 time a week.not only did the roots and the entire length (and then the floor can be the tips are not cut, not split).hair after the first month stopped falling out. and even began to grow faster. very satisfied.


    This mask really helps to grow hair, moreover it has the effect of lamination. I made a mask of yeast with yogurt when you really wanted to grow hair. You need to mix in a bowl the yeast 2 cm, honey and yogurt half a glass. Mixture set for 30 minutes in a warm place until frothy. Then apply it on hair, wrap head wrap and a towel. Keep the mask for about 40 minutes.

    Ekaterina Kushnir,

    In the period from January to March doing course yeast masks with bread. The effect, I tell you, wonderful. And no smell is unpleasant, I have not noticed the bread smell. And washed with a decoction of nettles, not even vinegar.
    yeast in any form to hair useful. Here, I think, even with onion juice to try. But here already the smell of the onion will be.

    Irina kanygina,

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