Ylang-ylang for hair beneficial properties, how to apply, reviews

Essential oil has found its application in medicine and cosmetology. Aromatherapy with a variety of esters has a positive effect on the human nervous system, restore strength, return energy and improve the blood circulation and the respiratory organs. And beauticians highlights the properties of ylang-ylang for hair. It is considered a powerful growth stimulant that can strengthen hair follicles, regain hair’s natural strength and volume.

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The content of the article

  • 1 the benefits of air Kananga
    • 1.1 Chemical composition
    • 1.2 Contraindications
  • 2 Oil ylang ylang oil for hair recipe masks and nuance
    • 6 2.1 binding rules
    • 2.2 How to carry out the procedure
    • 2.3 Nutrient mixture
    • 2.4 For oily hair
    • 2.5 For growth
    • 2.6 For damaged strands
    • 2.7 Support after dyeing
    • 2.8 To restore the Shine
    • 2.9 Treatment of dandruff
  • 3 Other ways
    • 3.1 head Massage
    • 3.2 Aromamassage
    • 3.3 adding to the shampoo
  • 4 Testimonials: “I Use ylang ylang everywhere” /h2>

Ylang-ylang or Kananga is a tree that grows on the coast of the Asian tropics. Its flowers are renowned for their miraculous properties. Their fragrance calms the nervous system, gives a feeling of serenity, enhances energy, increases the sense of self-confidence. Residents of the Philippines and Indonesia add a hood colors in food as a natural aphrodisiac. Asian flowers mixed with coconut milk and use the mixture to add Shine to hair.

Become the owner of a luxurious head of hair is not difficult, it is enough to consider four basic needs placed in care.

  • Hair to be very clean and require a thorough cleansing.
  • Hair 15% made up of water and require constant hydration.
  • Hair needs to be nourished.
  • Vitality and hair growth is provided with additional toning.
  • At least three of the four listed requirements are able to meet the ylang-ylang.

    The benefits of air Kananga

    Essential oils are being successfully used in cosmetology to improve the condition of the epithelium of the head, hair follicles, increasing the growth and volume. Each of them has its own useful properties and is used to fix individual problems. Ylang-ylang is considered to be a multifunctional product that can protect your tresses from a lot of trouble. Oil will suit you if:

  • the hair quickly garnaut;
  • the tips of breaks and split ends;
  • observed brittle hair, hair loss;
  • concerned about dull hair and unkempt appearance;
  • dandruff appears.
  • Chemical composition

    Product use in the perfume and cosmetic industries. It is added to shampoos, serums, sprays. Use ylang-ylang for hair due to the diversity of active components in the composition, which is evident from the table.

    Table — Features of the chemical composition of the oil from the flowers of ylang-ylang

    SubstanceFeatureEffect on the condition of the hair
    Nerolidol— A colorless oily liquid;
    — used for fixing the odor
    — Fill strands slight but persistent aroma
    Nerol— Alcohol with a discreet scent of roses;
    — used for flavoring
    Isosafrol— Organic matter;
    — used as a perfume
    Fitol— Refers to hydrocarbons with high chemical activity;
    — part of the vitamin beauty E
    — Activates blood circulation;
    — stimulates growth;
    — nourishes
    Formic acid– Antiseptic;
    — inhibits the action of pathogenic microorganisms;
    — reduces inflammation
    – Helps get rid of dandruff;
    — prevents inflammatory processes of the scalp
    Acetic acid— Antiseptic;
    — suppresses the action of harmful organisms;
    — removes inflammation;
    — reinforces color
    — Softens the hair, making them more manageable and silky;
    — adds Shine;
    — prevents the leaching of pigment;
    — eliminates itching and dandruff


    Many essential oils have a strong aroma, can lead to deterioration of health, headaches. To avoid problems will help compliance with these dosages. Contraindications to the use of oils can be:

    • pregnancy;
    • hypersensitivity to any component;
    • bronchial asthma;
    • the age of 12.

    Live ylang ylang contains highly concentrated substances in pure form can cause burns. Unacceptable contact with mucous membranes, ingestion. Keep a bottle of oil should be tightly closed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Don’t buy ethers in store, long storage time adversely affect the composition.Ylang-ylang for hair recipe masks and nuance

    Alternative to expensive salon manipulation can be a mask with ylang ylang for hair. Its preparation does not take much time, it is easy to apply and use. Application results become visible after a few treatments. To consolidate the effect, regular use is recommended courses. It is widely used essential oil of ylang-ylang from dandruff. The tool has anti-fungal properties and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms causing white flakes in your hair.

    The aroma of plants Kananga is considered to be the “aroma of love and sensuality”. Wreaths filled with soft sweet smell of flowers ylang ylang is decorated with the newlyweds. Fragrant blossoms create a light euphoria, awaken a desire, provide a stimulating erotic effect.6 mandatory rules

    Before applying the oil of ylang-ylang on your hair, you should be familiar with a number of recommendations. There are six important rules of application of the product.

  • Test. Essential oils are rich in active substances that can cause an allergic reaction. Before use, it is recommended to test for portability. Apply a DAB of heated air on the inner bend of the elbow and watch the reaction of 45 minutes. Redness, burning, are contraindications to the use.
  • Buy the “right” oil. Do not skimp on their own health, buy ether at the pharmacy, pick goods manufacturers, which “on hearing”. Preference for classes “Extra” or “Prime” (I grade). They relate to the oils first and the second stages of treatment, have a high level of quality and efficiency.
  • See terms. Do not use oils with expired.
  • Use as a fortifier. Do not use oil as a basic ingredient. Add ether (literally drop by drop) to the basis of the recommended ratios. Apply the mask depends on the hair problem.
  • Observe the frequency of treatments. Mask, which are composed of aromatic oils, used one, maximum two times a week.
  • Stick to the course. The highest efficiency is achieved by the course application: two months of use, two month break.
  • How to carry out the procedure

    Make a mask with ylang ylang for hair is not difficult, but only certain conditions will ensure their effectiveness:

    • apply mask makeup you need to dry hair;
    • spread over the entire surface using wooden combs;
    • for compound ingredients is used a glass or ceramic container;
    • after applying the mixture on the head is worn a plastic bag;
    • on top of the head is insulated with a warm towel (warmth increases the penetration of nutrients);
    • the exposure duration is determined by the recipe and must not exceed the specified time;
    • you should wash the foam in warm water with shampoo.

    Cosmetic use of oil of ylang-ylang acceptable for dry hair and for oily. Each type has its own prescription features.

    The spicy sweet smell of flowers plants Kananga is characterized by its durability and versatility that has not escaped the sensitive nose of the perfumers. Notes of ylang-ylang are included in the composition of expensive perfume, including “Chanel No. 5”, “Nina”.

    Nutrient mixture

    The expected effect. Strengthens hair roots, restores natural Shine, improves color.


  • To connect three drops of oil of ylang-ylang, rosemary, lemon.
  • Measure out 10 ml Camellia oil (about one teaspoon).
  • Combine all ingredients in a glass container.
  • Apply the obtained substance on the head, flowing massage movements to distribute on the surface.
  • To withstand half an hour.
  • Rinse the hair well.
  • For oily hair

    The expected effect. Normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands, eliminates Shine, typical for oily hair, increased growth.


  • One chicken egg yolk to separate from the film whip.
  • Take three drops of oil of ylang and black pepper, combine with one drop of birch oil.
  • Pour the mixture of esters in the chicken yolk, stir until connection.
  • The resulting slurry is spread over the entire surface of the head with the fingertips.
  • To withstand half an hour, then rinse. (To avoid coagulation of the yolk on the head, water for flushing it is best to cool to room temperature).
  • For growth

    The expected effect. Hair grow noticeably faster, reducing hair loss.


  • Burdock oil in the amount of five dessert spoons to combine three drops of oil of ylang-ylang in a glass container.
  • The substance should be slightly heated over steam.
  • Warm the mixture add the juice of half a lemon and 10 ml of cognac.
  • Composition stir until the compound of ingredients.
  • Apply to the root zone and then distribute with a comb to ends.
  • Head wrap with cellophane, warm.
  • To withstand two hours.
  • During rinsing shampoo, apply directly to the mask.
  • For damaged strands

    The expected effect. Regenerate damaged scales, eliminates dull, brittle.


  • Avocado clean, remove the seeds, pulp grind in a blender. The resulting puree to shift into a glass.
  • To connect three drops of oil of ylang and chamomile.
  • Pour oil mixture into a puree, stir until the connection of the ingredients.
  • The resulting puree to distribute from roots to ends with a comb.
  • Let stand 30 minutes. You then rinse with water
  • Support after dyeing

    The expected effect. Long-term preservation of color, restoring the damaged structure, strengthening the hair follicles.


  • Measure out four dessert spoons of cosmetic almond oil.
  • To connect the two drops of oil of ylang-ylang with the same amount of Basil oil.
  • Mix all ingredients in a glass container with three teaspoons of honey.
  • The resulting composition heated over steam.
  • The composition is spread on the surface of the hair, leave for 30 minutes.
  • To restore the Shine

    The expected effect. Hair becomes softer, manageable, acquire a subtle sheen, filled with the scent.


  • Ten drops of lemon juice mixed with three drops of oil of ylang.
  • Pour the resulting composition in 100 ml of warm water.
  • To wash your hair.
  • The resulting solution to rinse the strands.
  • Caused the solution not to wash off, to give the hair to dry on their own.
  • Treatment of dandruff

    The expected effect. Disappears itching, flaking, dandruff, reduces hair loss.


  • Equal proportions (two or three drops) mixed esters of thyme, rosemary, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus.
  • Into the container pour a small amount of shampoo, which mix with oil mixture.
  • Massaging the composition applied to the root zone.
  • Rinse like a normal shampoo
  • Other ways

    Ylang-ylang hair treatment can be used not only in the composition of cosmetic masks. There are other ways of using air.

    Head massage

    To improve appearance, restore the structure, strengthen the follicles, restore the lost luster massage can help with the application of oil cocktail. For a basis we can take one of the most suitable for you ingredients: coconut oil, jojoba, palm. Add to it a third of the oil of ylang-ylang and mix well. Massage the head need fingertips, regularly dipping them in the prepared structure. Remember that palm oil requires more than rinsing with warm water.


    Another manipulation with oil ylang that you can easily master at home. It will take a few drops of ether, a comb made of wood. The air is applied directly to the comb in the quantity not exceeding three drops, and is distributed over the entire length of hair. The procedure is performed in the morning, just before shampooing. The product nourishes the hair unique sweet flavor, giving them a natural Shine.

    Add to shampoo

    If you don’t have the time and opportunity to use a mask compositions on a regular basis, simply add a few drops of oil in a teaspoon of your favourite products for washing the hair. It will protect your hair from the damaging effects of the environment, will retain their natural moisture, saturate with nutrients, will give a unique flavor.

    Numerous reviews of the ylang-ylang for hair are of a positive recommendation. Those women who had the opportunity to experience the properties of air on your hair, note the visibility of the result on the second week of application.

    The mysteries of the force and natural beauty of gorgeous curls revealed to the world indonesie. They told me how to use oil of ylang-ylang for hair. Their experience took over European women and are derived secrets care until now. The Malays call this unique plant the “flower of flowers” and believe in its miraculous properties.

    Reviews: “I Use ylang ylang everywhere” /h2>

    Cool, high-quality essential oil of ylang-ylang! I use it mostly for the hair. Added to the mixture of base oils (coconut, almond oil for hair on all length; burdock+ jojoba to the scalp), also do aromamassage hair shiny, soft, well-groomed. I advise everyone, the best essential oil for hair.


    Ylang-ylang was taken to add to the basis of the hair masks. Bought it at the pharmacy for 100 rubles, I do not remember the exact amount. Inside the package is a instruction which says that it is necessary to add 5-7 drops. And so I did. The base oil was a burdock, the most common, 7 drops (maximum added) ylang-ylang. Applied the entire mixture first to the roots of the hair, and then evenly distributed over the entire length, combed hair wrapped in a bun, wrapped the top with cling film and went an hour or two (sometimes more, until you get bored). The result of such masks came quickly. Already on the third application, the hair become more shiny. And most importantly, in the form of a flat or climb in all directions.

    Vishenka, http://citykey.net/product/efirnoe-maslo-aromatika-efirnoe-maslo-aromatika-ilang-ilang

    ‘ve long been fond of essential oils. I’ve tried a lot, but ylang I like the most. although there were lemon, rosemary, lavender. But as it is not boring. smell is mega nice. Use it anywhere and everywhere. Drop in the aroma lamp-the aroma mmmm… Dripping in the bath on the rocks, also very good. add it to shampoo a few drops before applying the hair then Shine gorgeous, plus this essential oil protects the hair from harmful effects of shampoo. You can use them as perfume, smell nice.

    Nastasiia, http://irecommend.ru/content/super-1922

    Ylang-ylang for hair beneficial properties, how to apply, reviews

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