Yogalosophy: dance from Mandy Ingber

Yogalosophy (yogalosophy) is one of the latest developments from the instructor Mandy Ingber gradually gaining popularity. So today decided to tell you about this area.

What kind of a “cocktail” of familiar words-“ingredients”? So the recipe is from Mandy Ingber: take a bit from yoga practice, a few “pinches” of philosophy, “season” aerobic exercise – and voila! Born yogalosophy!

For what?

  • A clear statement of purpose.
  • Conscious achievement.

The classes allow those who practice this area, to listen to your own body, to track all of the senses. The point is that the basic asanas that come from the practice of yoga, combined with the intense Jogging for short distances.

As stated by myself Mandy Ingber thus fails:

  • to stretch, lengthen the muscles,
  • to bring your body in tone
  • to fight obesity,
  • to establish a harmonious relationship between the mind and the body.

Yogalosophy from Mandy Ingber: what is the secret of success?

Can attend everything. Even those who have no experience in the practice of yoga. It is important to keep track of their own feelings, so, in fact, it turns out that each practicing its own set of exercises, one that are dictated by our needs. Start classes on video that is available online, and gradually adjust the complex to their target.

Of the most “star” followers of the American instructor can highlight Jennifer aniston and Victoria Beckham. Just below I will share with you a set of exercises, which is practicing aniston. Why you should do this too? Look at the photos of the beauty – but she’s 40+! Not many young girls can boast of such harmony and sculptural forms. Itself the star of “Friends” noticed that yogalosophy from Mandy Ingber impacted dramatically on her life, brought spiritual changes. And, of course, physically the results are clear: the arms were stronger, legs leaner. And the growth has increased one-half inch.

Jennifer aniston at the presentation of the book Yogalosophy

Yogalosophy: a set of exercises from the star

So aniston trains.

Starts with Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation. For this approach you are working out every muscle in their body, but special emphasis is given to the legs, arms and your abs. Start with the posture of the mountain, then stretched up his hands after going to Uttanasana. From it go out in the Ardha Uttanasana, that is, from forward bend in standing position translate hands on the floor. Now downward Dog, then the Dog looking up again Ardha of Uttanasana, Uttanasana, pull your hands up and return to mountain pose.

Five such approaches you need to do.

Mandy Ingber and her students

The next step is the tree pose. You need to keep the balance, to work well with the muscles of the inner thigh. Do it 1 time on each leg. The secret to this posture is in maintaining mental focus. Nothing happening around, you should not distract.

Now yogalosophy adds to your training aerobic exercise. You need to do a few squats in the technique of “plie”, while keeping their hands Namaskar. So it will be an active study of your buttocks, legs will become more slender due to the load on the inner thighs. Do 8 sit-UPS: simple and “springs”. All three approaches.

Continue with the squats. Now propriety of Utkatasana. Put your palms in Namaskar, come into Utkatasana and do 8 squats. Ha two approaches worked well the buttocks and all the muscles in your feet.

Want beautiful abs? Just complete the following exercise. Enter Paripurna Navasana, then descend into the Ardha Navasana, go back to the previous position, it all do eight times three “swim” – yet this is the posture of the boat, full and half.

After such a powerful training go to the side plank position, that is, take the position of the strap, then push down with one hand and start her up and the other rests in the floor, straightening her. Feet pressed against one another, then repeat on the other side.

Now go “pedal“. On the exercise bike. Half an hour of this load is train the heart muscle, to rebuild your body and help in burning fat.

Video full 27 minutes of yogalosophy a La Jennifer aniston!

It seems that all it takes is a lot of time, and hard to do. But yogalosophy from Mandy Ingber is so called not just for some pathos. The fitness guru claims that the results will be, and a desire to engage will, and forces on all will suffice, if you set your mind to. After all, the basic principle of yoga is to remain in a positive emotional state in the here and now. Even mechanical exercises that will bring joy, not torment. Of course, if in the process you’ll learn at the same time to focus, relax and imagine the positive changes in my life.

If now your life is everything okay, you may not be able to spend so much time training. But if there was a strong existential crisis, and it’s hard to control myself, I can not forgive and forget old grudges ruin relationships with loved ones due to unexplained bouts of anger, then your “lifeline” – yogalosophy.

Author — Eva the rainbow site

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