Yuterra visiting Santa Claus

Have you ever been visiting the real Santa Claus who lives in Veliky Ustyug every year on December 31 is sent with presents in their journey to please both children and adults?

“Yuterra” loves to give gifts. This year, the hypermarket of household goods “Yuterra” has teamed up with Santa Claus in the mission to joy and beauty in the world even more.

Decorators of “Yuterra” arrived in Veliky Ustyug to see what life is like Santa Claus, and decorate his house. The residence of father Frost is located 11 kilometers from the city in the middle of spruce trees covered with snow. He lives in a real fairy-tale Palace with turrets and carved figures. On two floors there are 12 rooms, each of which are alike. And the names are magical: the Pantry of fairy tales, the gift Room, Room trees, etc. and, of course, the Throne room, where Santa Claus greets guests and presents them with gifts.

Behind the throne stands a huge tree decorators “Yuterra” decorated with lots of love because it was important not only to create a stylish design, but also to preserve the special atmosphere of the estates of father Frost, as if coming from a traditional Russian fairy tales. On either side of spruce located snowmen, Yes not simple, but magical: they do not melt even in the heat of the house. Snowmen guard the gifts that will soon be presented to children around the world.

Do not forget about the little things that adorn the home of Santa Claus, because they create a unique atmosphere of celebration. This decorative pillows and candle holders and graceful figures, and Christmas songs, which is located in all rooms of the residence and delight guests with their views.

Where else if not in this house, Christmas miracles happen? Here come letters from children addressed to Santa Claus every he reads and responds personally together with his assistants. Him come poems and drawings, and crafts, especially nice for Santa Claus to receive letters written by hand. Desires are also all different, and all the Santa Claus tries to fulfill.

How to send a letter to Santa Claus? Very simply, it has the address: 162390 Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, Post office of Santa Claus.

In addition, this year in the stores network “Yuterra” across Russia also opens the Mail of Ded Moroz. In the hall in plain sight will stand up to the mailbox where the little guests and their parents will be able to quit their desires. And then, from 20 December to 20 January, pick up your gift!

“Yuterra” congratulates you with coming New Year and wishes you a real Christmas tale!

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Yuterra visiting Santa Claus

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