Zucchini “like mushrooms”: recipes for the winter with citric acid, carrots, greens, a way to pickle and can do without sterilization + reviews

The budget is a vegetable often underestimated. Culinary imagination many Housewives are limited to cooking squash caviar, saute and pancakes. In fact, zucchini is a real “chameleon” who can easily “tries” on any tastes. It is simple only at first glance: this low-calorie vegetable, you can create delicious meals. Special place is occupied with winter preparations, allowing to preserve all of the vitamins. For example, among the hosts of a popular recipe zucchini “like mushrooms” in the winter.

4 hours. 8 servings. Easy to prepare

Natalia Volkova on February 13 2018118

The content of the article

  • 1 Rules for the preparation of the ingredients
  • 2 the Base recipe for zucchini “like mushrooms” during the winter, and original variations with additives
    • 2.1 Traditional method of seaming
    • 2.2 With carrots
    • 2.3 With lemon juice
    • 2.4 With nutmeg
  • 3 to Sterilize or not
  • 4 Reviews: “Like fresh, crunchy and spicy”

Zucchini is a real “superhero”. It is rich in vitamins: contains thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), nicotinic acid (B3), folic acid (B9) and ascorbic (vitamin C). Zucchini is still a storehouse of minerals. It consists of molybdenum, zinc, aluminum, titanium, lithium. There are also salts of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. A surprising property of a vegetable — even in canned form to preserve its beneficial properties.

Rules for the preparation of the ingredients

From the first days of summer until the autumn squash did not go to our table. As a rule, high-yielding vegetable, so to leave him for long winter months don’t have to. We just need to prepare squash pickles.

One of the features of the vegetable with a pleasant, delicate texture — neutral, low own taste. This allows you to “paint” it a variety of additives — like fruit, and spicy garlic. To make the zucchini taste “mushroom”, you need to follow the prescription rules. Not be amiss to listen to the recommendations of the experienced cook.

  • Grade. For twist fit as the most common zucchini and squash, zucchini of different degrees of maturity: young thin-skinned fruit, already ripe, and that some time was kept.
  • Weight. In recipes the weight is already prepared zucchini. Young vegetables in cleaning not need, it is enough to cut them in ponytails and weighed. Mature zucchini are tough skins and large seeds, from which you want to get rid of along with loose flesh. To do this, peeled the fruit should be cut lengthways on four parts, remove the core with seeds. After all the procedures to measure prescription weight.
  • Greens. There are two essential ingredients snacks — dill and garlic, they are responsible for the “transformation product”, giving the courgettes taste of the mushrooms. The ideal is to use fresh, green fennel, but if there is none, you can safely take it flowering or dry umbrellas and even last year’s seeds. Interesting to set off the taste of zucchini parsley, but its use is optional. But the seeds, by contrast, are welcome: they mimic the fragrant mushroom flavor.
  • Spices. You can use how to clean black pepper and pepper mixture. Most importantly, do not overdo it with seasonings. Enough to be ten grains, or a teaspoon of ground pepper 2-3 kg zucchini.
  • Vinegar. For twists use the regular 9% vinegar, which among Housewives is the most popular preservative. Apple, grape, wine or other flavored vinegar is better not to use, it can “color” the taste of zucchini in unwanted shades. If you do not plan to roll up vegetables under cover, and only marinated and ready to use, you can make a choice in favor of a more lenient 6% vinegar.
  • Oil. Vegetable oil should be “depersonalized”, that is, without pronounced taste and smell. Therefore it is better to use sunflower oil in a refined form.
  • Taste. Opinions about the taste of the result differ. According to some reviews, the spicy blank nominally replicates the taste of the mushrooms. Others, however, firmly believe that only few would realize that not eating the mushrooms, and marinated the zucchini.

The base recipe for zucchini “like mushrooms” during the winter, and original variations with additives

Zucchini “like mushrooms” in the winter — a simple and delicious appetizer fit for a feast. Depending on the density of bookmarks, of 3 kg of vegetables will roll up a 3.5-3.8 l of zucchini with the effect of the mushrooms. More convenient for the preservation of the banks of the small volume capacity of 0.5 and 0.75 L.

The traditional method of seaming

Feature. Canned zucchini “like mushrooms” definitely laid into sterilized jars, pre-washed with baking soda. Calcine containers in any way: on the stove, in the oven or in the microwave. Itself the workpiece also requires sterilization.

You will need:

  • courgettes (zucchini or squash) — 3 kg;
  • sugar five tablespoons;
  • salt (medium or coarse) — two tablespoons;
  • minced garlic two tablespoons;
  • vegetable oil — half Cup;
  • 9% vinegar — half a Cup;
  • ground pepper — teaspoon (or ten pieces — peas);
  • green — beam (sliced should be on a glass of dill and parsley).

Step-by-step cooking

  • Washed, cleaned squash cut into fairly large pieces. The best option — at first along the four long blocks, then across into thick slices 1-1,5 cm externally Squash slices should resemble sliced mushrooms legs.
  • Cleaned teeth of garlic chopped with a knife up to the amount of two tablespoons.
  • Chop herbs.
  • Sliced squash will mix with all the components: vinegar, oil, spices, herbs, garlic, salt and sugar.
  • Leave the mixture on the kitchen counter to marinate for a minimum of three to four hours, stirring occasionally. During this time the zucchini let the juice out.
  • Presterilized jars with lids.
  • Zucchini spread to the banks. Within each twist with a large spoon, add the liquid from the day tank, which was marinated vegetables.
  • Covering the jars, put in volume, low pan of warm water, the bottom of which prostalene kitchen towel. The water level is up to the “shoulders” of the jars.
  • Supporting weak boiling, sterilize the contents of half-liter cans for about 12 minutes. Liter hold longer, up to 20 minutes. From the time of sterilization will depend on the consistency of the zucchini: in a lengthier procedure the vegetables to soften.
  • Banks roll up, flip the lid down without wrapping. The procedure will keep the zucchini crisp and elastic. However, it is a matter of taste, so mistress with experience suggest for the first time a couple of cans still “warm” to compare what the texture of the zucchini “like mushrooms” you will enjoy more.
  • Transfer canned jars in a cool, dark storage.
  • To vegetable slicing rather let the juice, a delicious mixture, cover with inverted plate or lid on top, pull the cargo. After marinating zucchini do not worry about the small amount of resulting juice. It will suffice if the squash be laid tightly and without voids.With carrots

    Feature. To vary the recipe for zucchini “as mushrooms” are capable of carrots, which will add winter color preset and originality, but also a kind of set off the taste.

    You will need:

    • zucchini — 2 kg;
    • carrots — two root;
    • garlic — average size head;
    • the beam greens (parsley, dill);
    • vinegar — half a Cup;
    • vegetable oil — 100 ml;
    • salt — one and a half tablespoons;
    • sugar — tablespoon;
    • black pepper (ground) — not more than a teaspoon.

    Step-by-step cooking

  • Prepared zucchini cut the quarters.
  • Peeled garlic teeth cut across the thin plates. Add to the main ingredient.
  • Will Nachinaem greens, will send to squash sliced.
  • After cleaning the carrots cut by circles. Connecting fantasy, you can cut different shapes, such as stars, flowers or letters that will decorate and transform a winter snack with a carrot.
  • The vegetable mix will refuel vinegar, oil, spices, sugar and salt. Orange root vegetable can be put in raw, and can be slightly propasterizovat in a small amount of vegetable oil (without Browning).
  • Leave to infuse for three to five hours.
  • A fragrant mass is spread out in a pre-sterilized jars, Golem each of the obtained juice.
  • Covered with clean lids, will send the workpiece to be sterilized in 15 minutes.
  • Close the seaming key, and turn over to cool (without wrapping).
  • Those who want to further diversify the zucchini with the taste of mushrooms, an auxiliary component may use a few pods fleshy and juicy pepper. He blends in well with zucchini, having similar elastic texture, also has the property well to absorb marinades.

    With lemon juice

    Feature. Traditional preservative — vinegar in the recipe, you can replace the citric acid or the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Those who can not tolerate vinegar marinades will appreciate the natural aroma of the snacks, a pleasant taste and crunchiness of zucchini, seasoned with “lemon”.

    You will need:

    • zucchini — 2 kg;
    • garlic Zubkov — eight pieces;
    • dill — beam;
    • of fenugreek seeds — 5 grams (or a dozen peas black pepper);
    • lemon juice — 100 ml (or 15 g of “lemon”);
    • sunflower oil (refined) — 250 ml;
    • salt — table spoon (heaped);
    • sugar three tablespoons.

    Step-by-step cooking

  • Mix chopped pieces of zucchini with chopped garlic and dill.
  • Add spices, oil, lemon juice.
  • Five hours set aside vegetables for impregnation.
  • Before placing in sterile jars cook the mixture for five minutes.
  • Lay the zucchini on the banks, roll up a sterile, dry lids.
  • Will acutem to natural cooling.
  • If before spin do not wish to boil the zucchini, be sure to sterilize the filled jars for 12 minutes. The cooled zucchini under mushrooms for the winter move to the basement. The apartment conservation store in a pantry or equipped balcony.With nutmeg

    Feature. Prepare the zucchini “like mushrooms” with nutmeg, you will receive a real delicacy that your family and guests will enjoy winter evenings. A spice often used to flavor sweet dishes and sauces, is firmly in preservation techniques, giving the marinated vegetables is an amazing fragrant. The main thing is to prevent overdose, or “mushrooms” will be hopelessly flawed.

    You will need:

    • zucchini — 2 kg;
    • fresh dill — beam (or umbrellas);
    • garlic teeth — three pieces;
    • ground nutmeg — 5-8 g;
    • black pepper, ten grains;
    • vegetable oil — one glass;
    • salt — dining room (with slide) spoon;
    • sugar — two tablespoons (also with slide);
    • vinegar 9% — four tablespoons.

    Step-by-step cooking

  • Combine zucchini, cut into thick slices, with chopped dill and garlic paste.
  • Tucked in a “cutting” leftover ingredients from the recipe list.
  • Leave to marinate for half an hour.
  • On low heat bring vegetables to boil.
  • Remove from the heat. Put into sterilized jars, zakuporit.
  • Turn upside down, useteam.
  • To sterilize or not

    It is known that zucchini have a high susceptibility to pathogens, so they explode much more often than all the other canned vegetables. Among the causes of “bloat” bad “hygiene” cans, low quality vinegar or oil, violation of conditions of heat treatment. The analysis of the reviews on cooking forums shows that especially the “explosions” are the zucchini “like mushrooms” without sterilization. So in winter, that is for long-term storage, it is better to “err” sterilized twist specified time.

    If the Bank has exploded to avoid food poisoning its contents should be discarded. When swollen lid, according to knowledgeable hostess special reasons for concern, if only inside the banks you have not found mold or unpleasant smell. The problem will be solved by heat treatment (boil and stew), but to re-roll the vegetables is not necessary, it is better hurry to eat.

    To make the zucchini “like mushrooms”, is enough for one day of marinating, they’ll be ready to eat. Such a blank can be stored for a couple of weeks under a nylon cover, but not necessarily in the refrigerator.

    Marinated zucchini “like mushrooms” in the winter is not only simple, cheap and delicious harvesting. This is a real dietary Supplement to the winter diet, which will be useful in hypertension and diabetes, problems with liver, kidneys. Zucchini in fresh and in canned form can help fight excess weight, increased nervous excitability and stress. So long as pharmacists invent a magic “pill” for health, hurry to the vegetable garden or the market for natural tasty cure.

    Reviews: “Like fresh, crunchy and spicy”

    Great recipe, however until the winter squashes have not remained intact. But where there — lasted only about a day. After a few hours in the marinade, cool pieces tasted all the family. Unanimously a wise decision to eat a fancy snack without waiting for a special occasion. Life is one, and the holiday every day! We rolled the vegetables in the banks, and took on a picnic with friends. Sold out instantly!

    Dasha, http://dietdo.ru/kabachki-kak-gruzdi.html

    Made the zucchini for this recipe last year — first after 3 hours in the refrigerator — it was very tasty. But unfortunately when I opened the jar in the winter — eat have eaten half — cooked (in this case, after sterilization) zucchini is very Amateur. Took the recipe in some magazine.

    Katerina, https://www.kuharka.ru/recipes/preserving/zucchini/4949.html

    Did the zucchini this recipe last year, today opened the last jar)) that is to say, goes very, very tasty) zucchini is not like mushrooms, at all, but they are incredibly tasty! Like fresh, crunchy and spicy. Now the mistakes: last year I rolled exactly according to the recipe, this year I have slightly changed the proportions and components to your taste. So: the citric acid I added 6-7 grams no more than (last year’s seemed a bit sour (though everyone liked it), then, the recipe calls for 8 grams of nutmeg, the last time I felt it very much and I rubbed with gram four, now I have not regretted it there is clearly not too much! Garlic two times more pepper was place. A little more salt and one Chile pepper that I pulled before seaming. Marinated the night and not three hours of juice is more. The recipe is perfect! All the advice!) Thank you for your attention))

    Alexander, http://russianfood.com/recipes/recipe.php?rid=136586

    Zucchini “like mushrooms”: recipes for the winter with citric acid, carrots, greens, a way to pickle and can do without sterilization + reviews

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